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links on this page and 4 others that follow have been selected as a resource for other good Catholic web sites. Be advised that some of these sites may have links to other sites that are not necessarily loyal to the teaching authority of the Pope and the Magisterium of the Catholic Church. We encourage you to avoid these types of sites! If you know of any other good Catholic sites that you would like to see added to this list, please send an e-mail message to the WebMaster providing the URL and a brief description of the services offered.

NOTE:   We are currently working on fixing all sites that have "broken links", and appreciate your patience while we are doing this.

The Crossroads Initiative provides dynamic Catholic resources for a more abundant life in Faith. Assembled under the direction of Dr. Marcellino D'Ambrosio these resources in print, audio and video are of interest to all Christians and seekers of truth. Dr. D’Ambrosio is also a dynamic speaker who is available for parishes, diocesan, and conference events. Marcellino also leads a Holy Land Pilgrimage that is an unparalleled tour into the Bible!


* Vatican Radio in RealAudio format. 

* This is EWTN live in RealAudio format. 


* Catholic.net  Catholic news and more.

* The Mary Page is a site maintained by the Marian Library/International Research Institute at the University of Dayton in Ohio. They are an international center of research and study on the role of Mary in Christian life. 

* ICS Carmelite Publications has a list of their books, mostly about saints. 

* The New Advent Catholic Web Page has links to Catholic Answers, descriptions of many religions, the 1913 Catholic Encylopedia, and much more. 

* Catholic Online  

* Byzantine Catholic Home Page is a great resource for all Catholics, especially those of the Byzantine rite. 

* CatholiCity has chatrooms, free tapes, and a lot of people. 

* The Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN) is a great meeting place for Catholics and they now offer free memberships, obtainable by telnetting to ewtn.com. 

* The Monks of Adoration home page has their magazine "The Tabernacle" and other Catholic links. 

* Our Lady Of Sorrows Homepage has devotional information about the sufferings experienced by the Blessed Virgin Mary, as well as other devotional material. 




Michael Zabrocki is no stranger to Christian audiences with three successful Contemporary Christian albums ("Take Him To Heart", "Call To Love" and his new Polish album "Offering of Love" ) and performances at hundreds of concerts, cable televsion appearances, healing services and Masses throughout the United States. Through his albums and concerts, Michael is truly answering Pope John Paul II's "Call for Evangelization" by offering Christians of all denominations original, contemporary songs with a scripturally sound message that can be enjoyed by the entire family! 

Joyful Noise -- Christian Resource Center 
Index of where to find music for your liturgy.  Features Unsigned Independent Christian Music Artist 
singing the word in contemporary, original music.  Plus...features a Christian Song Of The Week. 

Lynn Cooper - Catholic Singer/Songwriter  
Fresh Scripture based contemporary music.  

Ann Weiss - Catholic Singer/Songwriter 
Contemporary music with a classical voice. 

Joanna Fish - Catholic Singer/Songwriter 
The Rosary put to music, available in cassette 


Joseph's Catholic Webatorium  
Beautiful collection of sacred art 

Christus Rex  
This site contains thousands of images of religious items, places, people, and works of art 


* Baltimore Catechism Number 3 is what Catholics believe. 

* The 1913 Catholic Encyclopedia is not yet complete, but what has been typed in is online. 

* Second Vatican Council texts 

* Catechism on the Council of Trent 

* 2000 Years Of Catholic Teaching 

* Christian Classics Ethereal Library at Wheaton College, a protestant school, has many Christian texts reltating to the early years of Christianity (0-800 AD). 

Bibles Online 

The Douay-Rheims Bible  
Translated from the Latin Vulgate (A.D. 1749-1752) 

The Bible Gateway  
Search the Bible for references, key words, topics, passages. Has most of the current complete on-line Bibles including the Revised Standard Version and Vulgate. 

Blessed Virgin Mary 

The Blessed Virgin Mary Page  
Spreading the good news of our Blessed Virgin Mary 

Mary Talk Picture Gallery  
Pictures of and related to the Blessed Virgin Mary 

Heart of Mary Ministry  
Founded by Sr. Mary Lucy Astuto, RSM 


Catholic Answers  
Offers books, audio tapes, plus a Catholic radio show via real audio 

SacredHeart.com Catholic Bookstore  
Catholic books on the web 

Crossing the Threshold of Hope  
By His Holiness, John Paul II 

Guardian Angel Books  
Quality children's books: hard-to-find Catholic books, classics, and more 

Catholic Truth Publications  
Catholic books, calendars, learning cards, and more 

Oregon Catholic Press  
Publisher of missals, hymnals, choral arrangements and more 

General Catholic Sites 

* The Vatican Web Site has pictures of our Pope, information on the Holy See, and Vatican related material. 

* Catholic Information on the Internet is a central directory and repository of all data on Internet that reflect the Magisterium or authoritative teaching of the Catholic Church. 



ST. RITA'S CATHOLIC CHURCH - Alexandria Virginia 

* Latin Mass Directory of all the Latin Masses performed in The United States and Canada,  
is a service of The Latin Liturgy Association. 

Catholic On-Line 
Offers news, prayers, databases, software, Catholic organization info and more. 

Catholic Goldmine  
Offers 100's of links to sites of interest to Catholics. 

Catholic Information Center on Internet  
A comprehensive collection of Catholic information links. 

In addition to links to Catholic organizations, this site also has e-mail discussion groups and a chat room. 

The Catholic Internet Directory  
A good directory of Catholic Internet sites. 

Catholic Vocations Home Page 
Learn about official ministry in the Catholic Church for men and women. 

Catholic Surfer 
The Catholic Faith, prayers, Lent & Easter 

Franciscan Web Sites 
International Franciscan sites 

The Catholic Encyclopedia 
A wonderful online resource with information organized encyclopedia style 

Exploring & celebrating the beautiful -- the joyful, holistic & mystical -- aspects of our faith 

Avenue of Catholicism  
Info, links, and Catholic software 

Dolan Family Prayer Page  
A Catholic family's home page with prayers, links and more 

Papal League of Maine  
Prayers, Saints, Devotions, and more 

Catholic FAQ  
Brought to you by The Augustine Club at Columbia University 
Catholic World News  
Current world news from a Catholic perspective 

The Rock! Catholic Links  
Links and prayers 

Lane's World CatholicPage  
Interesting info and links 

Catholicism on the Net  
Interesting links plus an online 'zine for older teens. 


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